Physiotherapy in Covent Garden

We offer Physiotherapy in Covent Garden, Holborn and the surrounding areas. Physiotherapy aims to restore or maintain health for people affected by injury, illness or disability. Bespoke Physiotherapy in Covent Garden assess and treat a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions that involve joints, tendons and muscles. These injuries often cause pain, swelling and activity restriction which is where physiotherapy can be used to promote healing and restore function.

The techniques we use to achieve this include manual therapy, massage, mobilisations, manipulations, strapping, acupuncture, gym based exercise rehabilitation, education and lifestyle advice.

All new patients need to have an assessment where a full history is taken to allow understanding of the nature and contributing factors to your symptoms. The physiotherapist will always discuss with you their diagnosis, treatment options, likely outcomes and time frames for recovery. Treatment is client centered taking into account individual needs and goals.

Bespoke Physiotherapy can come and see you in the comfort of your own home if travelling to the clinic is difficult. For example, if you have reduce mobility following surgery or due to severe pain.

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