Running. One of the purest forms of exercise and fitness you can take part in. No other sport requires less equipment and is more flexible than running. Step outside your front door and you can begin your workout – no gym membership required. Whether you are training for a marathon or a 5k, it can become a passion, an addiction.


Spring is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer (sort of). As such many people are increasing their running programmes and signing up for their next running Challenge. With this in mind Bespoke Physiotherapy are releasing a series of blogs on injury prevention in runners. In these blogs we will go through specific exercises and stretches and also discuss the best way to increase speed and distance without increasing the chance of injury.


The vast majority of running injuries are not traumatic but due to over-use (excessive repetitive loading of a particular joint, muscle or tendon). This, generally speaking, is a biomechanical issue. What this means is that there is an issue with poor alignment and/or muscle imbalance, which leads to excessive loading of one particular structure.


Many of these issues come to the fore with a sharp increase in activity. With runners this tends to be from running too much and doing too little cross-training. Put simply, most people run to get fit rather than getting fit to run. The best way to avoid injury while running is to gradually build miles and pace, have rest days and incorporate cross-training into the overall programme.


In this series we are going to go through some simple, practical and effective exercises to get you fit to run. We shall also go through recovery exercises and useful tips to manage your body and prevent injury, and ultimately to get you through your training and smashing your PB in the big race!


So keep an eye out in the coming days and weeks for our #runfit5 series!


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Jon Castle

Director and Principal Physiotherapist

Bespoke Physiotherapy