One of the worst times for injuries on the slopes is the afternoon session, when you’re fatigued from a morning of pushing hard and you’ve stiffened up during lunch. These simple loosening exercises can be done on the hill and will get you set for the afternoon. #SkiFit5


Standing rotation – repeat slowly 3 times each way

 Tx Rot stretch 1Tx Rot stretch 2.


Leg swings – repeat slowly and smoothly 5 times on each leg

 Leg Swings 1Leg Swings 2


Squats – Repeat 5 times



Heel / Toe Rockers – Repeat 10 times


Standing hamstring stretch – Hold for 20-30 seconds. Repeat twice on each leg


Remember that you will have stiffened up a bit over lunch (and you will probably be full of Schnitzel or Croque Monsieur) so do these exercises slowly and smoothly. Although these exercises are very simple they are remarkably effective in improving the extensibility of the muscles used in skiing and snowboarding, which ultimately means a significantly reduced risk of injury.

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