As part of the Ski Fit network, the team at Bespoke Physio are releasing a short series of blogs on preventing injuries on the slopes. This follows on from the fantastic series published last month by our Australian Ski Fit partners In Clinic Physiotherapy.

Pic Blanc

What better place to write these blogs than from the lovely village of Alpe D’Huez in France. For the next 5 days we shall be releasing one 5 minute blog post per day. Today’s post is on preparing yourself for the Slopes. Enjoy our first post in the #SkiFit5 series!


SkiFit5 – Pre-Ski Strength


Booked your ski holiday? Time to get ski fit. Skiing and snowboarding are very demanding on the body. They require strength, endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and balance. Exercise such as running or cycling is great for improving general fitness and should form an essential part of your preparation. However, in order to prepare adequately for the slopes, sport specific exercises must also be included. The 5 exercises below are simple yet challenging and you don’t need to go to the gym to do them. The best thing is they get great results! Check them out. #SkiFit5



  1. Decline Squats

You can do these on a decline board at the gym or you can place a rolled yoga mat under your heels to replicate it at home.

Decline Squat 1Decline Squat 2


  1. Single Leg Squats

Be sure to keep your hips level and line up the centre of your kneecap with your 3rd toe to maintain a good alignment throughout the leg. Don’t go too deep and concentrate on maintaining good control. Progress on by moving your arms and trunk or standing on a bosu ball.

Single Leg Squat 1 Single Leg Squat 2


  1. Double Leg Bridging

Fantastic for Glut and Hamstring strength. You can progress this using a gym ball or by moving to single leg bridging – very hard work!


  1. Lateral jump squats

The main thing here is to have soft knees for a controlled landing. A great whole body workout.

  1. Single leg balance

Balance and proprioception are so often over looked but in dynamic sports like skiing and snowboarding they are as important as strength. Single leg balancing is a really simple and effective way to sharpen up your proprioception. Progress it on by using a wobble board or bosu ball, or add in throw and catch aspect.

Single Leg Stand 1 Single Leg Stand 2


Stay tuned for the second instalment of the SkiFit5 series from the French Alps! #skifit5

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